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Freeware PalmOS is an archive of PalmOS software applications for your Palm Treo smartphone, Palm Tungsten handheld, Palm Zire pda, Palm TX and Centro.


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If you're a developer, you're encouraged to upload your own free software applications.

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EasyCalc 1.25


Easycalc was a simple scientific calculator. You enter a formula, press the Execute button and you can read the result.
Features include

  • Normal, Scientific and Engineering floating point mode
  • All functions you would find on a normal scientific calculator
  • Unlimited number of variables and functions
  • Graph support
  • GuessIt function - it tries to find out, what the result means, like "pi/2", "e^(3/4)" and "47/23".
  • Integer operations (unsigned 32bit), conversions between Bin/Oct/Oct/Hex
  • Function solving through fzero' with three parameters - min, max and function, it solves the function (e.g. fzero(0:10:f()), with f()="x^2" will return '2'.). It is possible to write fzero(0:2:"(x-1)(x+1)") too.
  • Up to 15 decimal digits
  • Scrollable results field
  • Complex numbers, including a basic guessit for complex
  • Fast menu for selecting variables and functions
  • Results history
  • Normal/Polar/Parametric graphs
  • Tracing of graphs in all modes
  • Table mode for graphs
  • A reduced version of EasyCalc without graphs and special functions. You'll save about 140K of space.
  • Popup-menu for built-in functions
  • If you select text and press a function button (e.g. sin), the
  • selected text gets inserted as the functions argument.
  • Export to memopad.
  • Function/variable name consist of lower case letters 'a-z' and numbers and have to start with a letter.

ScreenshotEasyCalc 1.25

Available since: 12-30-07

Download: EasyCalc 1.25 (2384 kB)