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Freeware PalmOS is an archive of PalmOS software applications for your Palm Treo smartphone, Palm Tungsten handheld, Palm Zire pda, Palm TX and Centro.


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Codex 1.2


Codex v1.2 Description

A simple to play but incredibly challenging word game. Solve each puzzle by arranging all the tiles to form words. There are 500 puzzles from simple to complex patterns of tiles to solve.

Unique, Simple and Challenging

Codex is unique type of word game and first of its kind on any platform. It is simply to play since all you need to do is to swap tiles by tapping on them. It is however a very challenging game since you needs to form complex groups of words to complete each level.

Fully Solvable and Open Words

Unlike some other word games which give you a list of random letters but cannot guarantee that you can make words out of those letters, every level is Codex is guaranteed solvable. However, we also do not restrict you to use only specific words. Every level in Codex is open-ended and you can complete the level by using any valid word not only the ones we choose.

Non-Reptitive, Increasing Difficulty and Replayability

In some word games, each level is the same except that you get a different set of letters to choose from. This leads to repetitious play that quickly will become boring. However, in Codex each level provides a different challenge since every level contains a unique pattern of words to solve. Codex provides 500 levels from simple to complex patterns. Not to mention that you will not always get back the same set of letters every time you play the same level, thus increasing the replay value of the game.

Play To The End, No Restarts Compulsory

Unlike some other word games that have low replay value, Codex does not force you to replay from the start every time you lose the game. All you do is take a score penalty and continue to retry the level until you succeed. The aim of the game is not to complete all the levels but to get as much score as possible from those levels.

Innovative Save Game Feature

Codex saves all games, even lost games so that you can stop a game at any time and resume or retry later. Since Codex support up to 10 save games, you do not have to end a game to start a new one. Thus multiple players can take turns to play Codex on the same Palm OS device to compete for high-scores without requiring each player to finish the entire game.

Fun Way to Learn New Words

Codex is not just meant to be fun to play but also a fun way to improve your vocabulary. Even when you are not playing, Codex will flash different words on the screen in a special and tested method that actually helps you to learn and remember new words. It is also sometimes difficult for us to learn new words because we always try to use back the same words each time we play a game, the words that we know and remember well. Sometimes we can learn new words better by just watching other people play. Codex provides a built-in demonstration the game so that you can just sit back and watch your Palm OS device playing the game. Since this is a live demonstration and not pre-recorded, each demonstration is unique.

Summary of Features

  • Unique type of word game that combines puzzle solving and word construction.
  • Simply and fast to play but incredibly challenging.
  • 30,000+ combined UK and American 2 to 7 letters word list.
  • 500 puzzles that gradually increases in difficulty and complexity.
  • Each puzzle is different to provide a unique challenge.
  • Each puzzle is guaranteed to be solvable.
  • No hard-coded words are used, so player is free to use any words they know to solve each puzzle.
  • Replaying the same puzzle is not redundant since the letters used will not always be the same.
  • Losing a game does not force player to restart from first level. The player can retry the same level by taking a score penalty.
  • All game sessions are saved including lost games.
  • Up to 10 game save games that can be replayed separately by the same or different player.
  • Build in word finder and word list browser.
  • Live demonstration of the game.

ScreenshotCodex 1.2

Available since: 12-30-07
Author: Symbolicon Systems

Download: Codex 1.2 (358 kB)