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Freeware PalmOS is an archive of PalmOS software applications for your Palm Treo smartphone, Palm Tungsten handheld, Palm Zire pda, Palm TX and Centro.


Feel free to contact us if you have questions about or comments on our website.


If you're a developer, you're encouraged to upload your own free software applications.

External pages:

Converter 2.2


Converter is a free unit conversion tool for the Palm, supporting over 200 unit types in 23 different categories. The easy to use interface allows you to specify the types you use frequently and access them easily. Convert from miles to kilometers, from pounds to kilograms and many, many other different conversions really easy.

Converter is freeware so you are free to use and distribute this software without restriction as long as it is not modified in any way and the copyright notices remain in place.

Converter can currently convert 215 different types in 23 different categories.

ScreenshotConverter 2.2

Available since: 12-25-07
Last update: 12-26-07
Author: Matt Marsch

Download: Converter 2.2 (18 kB)