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Freeware PalmOS is an archive of PalmOS software applications for your Palm Treo smartphone, Palm Tungsten handheld, Palm Zire pda, Palm TX and Centro.


Feel free to contact us if you have questions about or comments on our website.


If you're a developer, you're encouraged to upload your own free software applications.

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5 Nav Launcher 2.0.5


Launch up to 18 different applications per hard key all within a couple of seconds using only two button presses. How? With your shiny new Palm 5-Way navigator switch.

Bind 5 Nav Launcher to one of your hard keys, then hold down a direction on the 5 Way navigator to cycle through four applications per direction. Launch a 17th application with the select button, or launch an 18th application if you don't press anything. If you want to launch even more applications you can use additional 5 Nav Launcher "shortcuts", each of which adds another 18 launchable applications.

Screenshot5 Nav Launcher 2.0.5

Available since: 01-03-08
Author: Jody Sankey

Download: 5 Nav Launcher 2.0.5 (97 kB)