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Freeware PalmOS is an archive of PalmOS software applications for your Palm Treo smartphone, Palm Tungsten handheld, Palm Zire pda, Palm TX and Centro.


Feel free to contact us if you have questions about or comments on our website.


If you're a developer, you're encouraged to upload your own free software applications.

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Screenshot of Reanimatie 2.3

Reanimatie 2.3

Recent studies have shown that if not practised frequently the procedure and rhythm of correct cpr are easily forgotten. Using ...

Screenshot of Rexona 1.0beta

Rexona 1.0beta

Klikacz do zliczania z układem resetu. Świetna aplikacja do zliczania użytkowników, rzeczy itd.Uses PluaRT 1.0.

Screenshot of RingerSwitch Basic 1.7.3

RingerSwitch Basic 1.7.3

Alerts you when the ringer switch is turned to off. Never miss a call because you accidentally put your Treo to silent mode.

Screenshot of Sabbatum 1.3

Sabbatum 1.3

This program will keep a list of dates when you have or will take some time off.A very easy to use interface allows you to add ...

Screenshot of SafeCracker 1.0.I

SafeCracker 1.0.I

In this game you have to find the code of a virtual safe with a computer. Hints can be obtained from the gray boxes. The less h...

Screenshot of Schoolwerk 3.5

Schoolwerk 3.5

Met het Palm-OS-programma "Schoolwerk" kun je als scholier zijnde al je huiswerk, cijfers en je rooster bijhouden. Met de duide...

Screenshot of Schoolwork 3.5

Schoolwork 3.5

The Palm OS program 'Schoolwork' allows students to easily keep track of all of their homework, marks and their timetable. Its ...

Screenshot of SFCave 0.04

SFCave 0.04

A true classic! Try to navigate the lint through increasingly difficult caves and do not hit any obstacles.

Screenshot of Shots 2007-08

Shots 2007-08

Shots 2007 is a quick reference guide to the 2007 Childhood Immunization Schedule, a collaboration of the Advisory Committee on...

Screenshot of Shuffle 0.1

Shuffle 0.1

Shuffle is a simple but challenging little puzzle. It's free, and you can download it as a zip archive now.The goal of Shuffle...