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Freeware PalmOS is an archive of PalmOS software applications for your Palm Treo smartphone, Palm Tungsten handheld, Palm Zire pda, Palm TX and Centro.


Feel free to contact us if you have questions about or comments on our website.


If you're a developer, you're encouraged to upload your own free software applications.

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CallGuard 1.2


CallGuard is a free application that can help you to control calls on your Treo smartphone.

What does CallGuard do?
CallGuard have ringtone management ability. Also it makes short Treo vibration when the person you are calling answers your call or your call is ended.

Why does it vibrate?
Short vibration is need when your walking or driving. Or in any other case when you cant keep Treo near the ear while calling.

Which devices support CallGuard?
CallGuard can run on any Palm OS 5.xx based Treo device.

How to install CallGuard?
Install CallGuard just like any other Palm OS application. After installing CallGuard you must.

ScreenshotCallGuard 1.2

Available since: 12-27-07
Last update: 12-31-07
Author: Anatoliy Shuba

Download: CallGuard 1.2 (67 kB)